Heavy Object – Episode 1

  • Starting with worldbuilding exposition on a mass scale. Not too promising.
  • There’s going to be a lot of CG in this, it  seems.
  • Wow. They’re just listing all these details about the object, as if who’s in the war doesn’t matter at all.
  • I mean, if it cuts to some sort of learning facility, that works, but even then it’s too much.
  • Oh, they’re just giant robots. Ball-shaped giant robots.
  • Now it cuts to a woman showering while they talk about technical details.
  • Wow, she has some massive hips.
  • Character is not this show’s strong point.
  • So much exposition.
  • Holy shit, this writing. There needs to be something besides needless detail.
  • Their names are Qwenthur and Havia.
  • I’m trying to see the hook here, but nothing’s grabbing me.
  • I get the feeling it’s supposed to be the object, but it’s just a ball with guns stuck on it.
  • UGH. “For all that she’s slender, she seems pretty stacked” while her ribs are being crushed.
  • “I can’t defile these innocent boobs!” Well, I guess it’s that kind of show. I’ll finish the episode out, but this isn’t for me.
  • So if the object is damaged, the war is over. What’s the point of a war without casualties, narratively speaking?

heavy object1I can’t hate it, because I’m not sick of pointless fanservice yet, but I probably won’t watch more unless I hear good things. Life’s too short.


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