The Asterisk War – Episode 1

  • Man, the temptation to call this “The ******* War” or “The Asterix War” is pretty great. Hope the show lives up to that.
  • Fighting with streams of colour.
  • More voiceover. At least it’s not completely technical.
  • Of course his magic involves walking in on someone while changing. Who on earth would change with their window wide open?
  • Butt shot.
  • If this is a school, this should get you suspended or expelled.
  • Of course they’re famed for trying to kill each other. There’s no way that would be a downside.
  • I mean, it’s pretty, but I could just watch Utena if I wanted to see students dueling each other. At least that’s guaranteed to be about character, not just setting up the plot.
  • Wait, he did fall on top of her. Good grief.
  • Sure, he’s the pervert, when the direction has close-ups on secondary sexual characteristics wherever possible.
  • I think I’m done, lest I miss something good because I’m sick of fanservice framing.

asteriskwar1I’ll be pleased to hear that’s true, but until then, nope.


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