Concrete Revolutio – Episode 1

  • I keep wanting to correct the spelling.
  • So she’s a fake geek girl in a fake 50s maid diner?
  • These character designs are somewhat less than appealing so far.
  • Oh my god, he’s wearing Sora’s clothes from Kingdom Hearts. And is apparently a dog?
  • So superhumans brawl, and the reaction is “do it elsewhere”. Okay.
  • Oh, he’s a shapeshifter in general, not just a dogboy.
  • More robutts.
  • I saw a comparison to BBB, but BBB at least grounds itself.
  • Well, that’s the screencap for the episode right there.
  • Darn. In another show, that tasteless costume change would have been the screencap, but I have to stick with boob gerbil alien thing.
  • Holy shit, this isn’t even halfway done and I’m exhausted by the rapid-fire transformations.
  • Floating segways seem to be a thing now.
  • I’m relieved by the change of pace, at least.
  • Wait, the boob gerbil alien is also the floating segway.
  • Those robot legs make me laugh for some reason.
  • “Nuppepoo”

concreterevolutio1The colour and meaningless action reminds me of Rolling Girls, but I suspect this will be a little more consistent. I’m curious to see whether the quality will drop sharply or not.


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