One Punch Man – Episode 1

  • Is that a reskinned DBZ alien?
  • Ooh, I like the look of this. There’s direction.
  • Purple manchest.
  • Wait, he’s upset about disintegrating the guy with one punch? Why does he do it, then?
  • Best OP music so far.
  • Why does the crab guy have bare hairy legs?
  • Man, this show looks way too good for what it is.
  • Why does this kid have a butt chin. Does he have the mumps?
  • Crab manchest. With drawn on nipples.
  • Just look at the carnage.
  • “Just drink this suspicious test tube”. And now he’s a titan.
  • “City B Destroyed”
  • It’s a giant evil car.
  • He is right at crotch level of all these monsters.

onepunchman1Someone loved working on this. It’s so visually interesting for such a dumb premise.


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