Dance With Devils – Episode 1

  • Ooh, harmony.
  • Had a lapse of thought and was like “is this the world’s fastest simuldub”. But nope, just a weird English monologue.
  • This change in setting is weird.
  • I guess this song is more what I expected.
  • There is a spotlight and special effects.
  • Showing a glimpse of that chest, I see.
  • And they’re librarians with that “labyrinth of depravity” music number.
  • Wait, somehow things are now fixed? Is she crazy or is it magic?
  • “The Forbidden Grimoire”
  • Where’d the music go? Suddenly I’m expected to pay attention to actual plot.

dancewithdevils1The downside of having OTT musical numbers is that the rest seems slightly dull in comparison.


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