The Perfect Insider – Episode 1

  • This OP is catchy. Not as wonderful as some this season, but still good.
  • Takes place in the present.
  • CG cars in anime, never integrated in a way that’s not awkward.
  • Where exactly is this going?
  • Not that it’s bad, exactly, just wondering where the hook is.
  • Who is this woman?
  • Oh, a doctor of some kind?
  • Someone else commenting on her hair. Is this foreshadowing of some kind?
  • Emotional intelligence is still intelligence. Social skills are still skills. Knowing how to get along with people does not mean you are stupid.
  • A doll killer? Hopefully that gives this a reason to be animated, because otherwise there’s not much going on. Even the colour is too desaturated to give something to look at.
  • Why would you kill someone for no reason?

perfectinsider1Used the OP, because it was the only part that looked memorable.

I get the feeling there’s something massive that I’m missing about this show. I mean, I’ll give it another episode, but it’ll have to give me something other than disinterested lectures about how people are stupid according to a really classist and arbitrary definition of intelligence.


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