Comet Lucifer – Episode 2

  • You know what? Maybe don’t remind me of your lackluster first episode.
  • I mean, I still don’t know why they’re attacking with robots or why Crystal girl is suddenly corporeal in his arms. Maybe use your time a little better.
  • You just fell down a hole last episode. Now you’re falling down a hole inside of that original hole.
  • Okay, crystal girl is insufferable. I’ll watch until the end of the episode, but I’m otherwise done.
  • Now there’s another crystal monster, and the show’s more concerned with boobs.
  • If people want to sexualise your characters, they will. You don’t have to try so hard.
  • Trying to endure, but holy shit her voice.
  • So crystal snake is actually the giant robot from earlier.

cometlucifer2I don’t care how good the show is otherwise (and it’s not great), I’m not listening to that voice.


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