Mr Osomatsu – Episode 2

  • What.
  • I get the feeling that I’m missing something,  but it’s still funny in its own way.
  • The opening’s pretty great.
  • All that “trash” talk is pretty great.
  • I like how they’re all different at a glance.
  • What.
  • Seriously, never think too much about toilets.
  • Wow, this taps into some very real anxiety.
  • Are they producing robots or merchandise?
  • That was the weirdest non-resolution.
  • Some shots are pretty great.
  • Also, I love how the robot/merchandise guy is just in the background now.
  • Aw, kitty.
  • What on earth.

mrosomatsu2I like it a bit less now it has no real point besides comedy, but I still laughed.


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