Concrete Revolutio – Episode 2

  • Why are they focussing on bugs?
  • Oh, right, it’s Shapeshifter Sora kid.
  • Bugmen?
  • So kid uses his power to buy winning iceblocks.
  • Is… is that a catface toaster? Really?
  • This is considerably more talky than the previous episode. That’s not really a good thing, when it’s talking about worldbuilding.
  • Ghost, huh. I guess that explains things?
  • The whole shapeshifting thing is cool, but there’s a definite drop in action and silliness.
  • I hope the moth girl isn’t as much of a thing.
  • Oh good, now she’s a moth woman?
  • He commited mass genocide… by accident?
  • Sigh. This is the least subtle criticism of superhero morality.
  • And of course he’s just welcomed in.


I mean, I didn’t actively dislike it, but it’s still overcomplicated without being as visually fun.


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