End of Season Roundup

Basically, since I got behind on a bunch of these, figured I’d give a super short final impression before I get into next season’s stuff.

  • Akagi (Drama) – A drawn out game of Mahjong, but made fun through watching an old guy sulk a lot.
  • Chaos Dragon – An incomprehensible mess of an RPG with no story structure.
  • Death Note (Drama) – An adaptation that diverges from the original, but manages to be really interesting while doing so.
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight – A Doctor Who episode spread out into an entire season.
  • My Love Story – A super adorable story of puppy love.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 10

  • Ooh, I like that detail. Magic changing the landscape seems fascinating.
  • Unfortunately, it leads to more political talk.
  • I love how Lou’s still there and pretending to be totally on their side.
  • So she returns people just to act as slaves.
  • Oh, and the magic changing the landscape is used as an excuse for why she’s weaker.
  • “Why didn’t you kill me?” Is there serious jealousy between Bounded girl and Creepy Sister? Ew.
  • God, that strap must be utterly soaked in boob sweat.
  • And then she’s like “my heart is right here, squarely in the middle of my breast”.
  • Are they finally realising that Lou’s not on their side? Wow, I didn’t expect that.
  • So Lou’s about to kill this other girl, when suddenly there’s a hydra.
  • It’s not too bad, as fight scenes go. It just seems like the outcome is obvious.
  • What is with this show and boobs. She just reaches right in there.
  • Oh, nice. The magical landscape idea paid off.

chaosdragon10The show’s not a whole lot better, but at least it’s mostly fun again.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 9

  • Oh, she made a contract.
  • Do they all have a “9” emblazoned on their chests? Is evil lady’s one hidden by her boobs?
  • Really hating this sister character. Her design alone is the worst thing.
  • So Sweallow made a pact with black dragon to be impenetrable.
  • I just don’t understand why someone would make any bargain with dragons whose powers are like a massive monkey’s paw. Let alone rival ones.
  • So if she uses her power, he can keep killing and reviving that one girl, at no cost to himself.
  • This show is so very dumb.
  • That crumbling deserved a place in a better show.

chaosdragon9Nothing to add except it ended on a shot of Lou’s boobs as seen from below. I remain mesmerised by how uncomfortable it must be to have them exposed.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 8

  • This show still exists, despite fighting a bad guy last episode.
  • “Didn’t all your family members die” = One hell of a thing to open with.
  • So there’s a sister involved now. This would have more impact if the story were structured.
  • I can’t tell if I’m supposed to think there’s something odd about reappearing dead people, or if it’s just another part of the plot.
  • I mean, clearly the characters are suspicious, but this is a world with such senseless magic.
  • “It could also be possible that it’s her long-lost twin.” That shows how silly this is, that long-lost twins would be the sensible solution.
  • Why did they kiss?
  • OH. It’s the rpg thing. No one knows how they should react to the dm being like “these people are still alive”. Sweallow’s all “I thought something seemed suspicious”.
  • Whereas Ka Grava’s like “here is incontrovertible proof”.

chaosdragon8I guess I don’t understand the significance of Mashiro being a returned one. If she hasn’t really been brought back, then there’s no point in keeping her around.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 7

  • For some reason, the name “Sweallow” still sounds hilarious to me.
  • So if this guy handles any tool, it’s destroyed.
  • And then he loses a baby bird, because his backstory just wasn’t tragic enough.
  • I take it this is the big boss fight, which they’re just going to animate for some reason.
  • I’m not sure why the fight feels like padding, except that it’s so arbitrary.
  • More tragic backstory for the one named “Sweallow Clazzvali”.
  • Mostly, I just want to play this game instead of watching it. I feel like maybe the pacing would fit better in between tedious fetch quests.
  • He put out his eyes so the little dude would sacrifice him.
  • Actually, that nonsense is why none of it works. I get sacrifice, but there’s a sense of diminishing returns when it comes to despairing tragedy.
  • Black dragon looks even worse than the elephants.
  • There’s also a diminishing returns to all the RPG bullshit. This one has a magic sword that drains souls, this one destroys tools, this one has to kill all his closest friends. It all gets a bit much.
  • It’s also sad how little input the one woman has in all of this, on a meta level.

chaosdragon7I’m not hatewatching this show, as much as I am watching it specifically to point out its problems.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 6

  • They still don’t know one of their own killed sports girl.
  • Despite the culprit carrying an evil sword, going on about evil, and having evil eyeliner on.
  • Oh, and having an evil heart-shaped boob peephole.
  • Somehow, I don’t think killing a zombie counts as killing a friend. God, that is the worst power.
  • I should be less surprised by the lack of editing in this, since no one would want to water down the influence of famous authors, but it means some stuff only makes sense in a gaming context.
  • It’s not enough that she’s evil, she’s disrespectful as well. Good grief.
  • How would killing your friends help you as a king? You lose everyone you trust, and you’re left with those you don’t.
  • Time for the boss battle.
  • Her sword literally says “feed me” in the midst of their serious talk about a fallen comrade.
  • He’s used to being tricked by “females”. Sweallow Cratsvalley needs a fedora, stat.


Does this show even have a story? Roleplaying games have a totally different narrative.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 5

  • Wait, they can be bound to titans. There is no consistency in this world.
  • So there’s a sporty girl as well?
  • Evil lady is trying to seduce lesbian sporty girl, but she’s having none of it.
  • So much worldbuilding.
  • A page of text on how magic works.
  • CG Elephant.
  • I take it they’re trying to save time and money here.
  • Not a bad place to do it, either.
  • Clearly evil lady runs off to be evil. Not suspicious at all.
  • The sword talks.
  • So “returned ones” chew on elephant legs.

chaosdragon5This show is so filled with RPG nonsense it’s hard to feel as if anything’s significant.