Comet Lucifer – Episode 2

  • You know what? Maybe don’t remind me of your lackluster first episode.
  • I mean, I still don’t know why they’re attacking with robots or why Crystal girl is suddenly corporeal in his arms. Maybe use your time a little better.
  • You just fell down a hole last episode. Now you’re falling down a hole inside of that original hole.
  • Okay, crystal girl is insufferable. I’ll watch until the end of the episode, but I’m otherwise done.
  • Now there’s another crystal monster, and the show’s more concerned with boobs.
  • If people want to sexualise your characters, they will. You don’t have to try so hard.
  • Trying to endure, but holy shit her voice.
  • So crystal snake is actually the giant robot from earlier.

cometlucifer2I don’t care how good the show is otherwise (and it’s not great), I’m not listening to that voice.


Comet Lucifer – Episode 1

  • Giant steampunk telescope.
  • At least this voiceover sounds like someone invested in the outcome. Bit overdramatic, though.
  • So there’s a girl trapped in that crystal? Not sure what’s happening.
  • Abrupt as hell shift for the OP.
  • Oh, it’s a robot show. I’ll finish this out, but my interest in mecha is slim to none.
  • Cool hip teen nearly hits a child on his hoverscooter.
  • And now there’s military of some kind.
  • I understand that it needs to set things up, but this is all over the place tonally.
  • If it’s from hip teen’s point of view, keep it that way until he’s caught up in all this dark serious stuff.
  • That car is pretty great.
  • So she’s running away from an arranged marriage?
  • If the robots have angry shark faces like the car, it’ll be fun.
  • Are they going to huddle together for warmth?
  • So he’s somehow going to force her to marry him? How does that even work? The intended humour of that falls a little flat.
  • I’ll admit, I’m curious about how the crystals fit into all of this.
  • Ah, now there’s the comatose mystery girl. I thought it was a false alarm, but apparently not.
  • Aw, the robots don’t have cross shark faces.

cometluciferI might give this another episode to see what crystal girl’s about, I might not. It just seems so disjointed, like they wanted different elements in the same story and didn’t think about how they would fit together.