Dance With Devils – Episode 2

  • This is going to be one of those shows where my interest peters out as the single joke wears thin.
  • “Sweat is a man’s badge of honour!”
  • I guess everyone fawning over her is funny, but I mostly just long for another musical number.
  • Mushrooms aren’t food? Really?
  • That colouring on his cravat makes him look like he has some kind of fleshy chest pouch.
  • At least, I assume it’s a cravat. Could be an ascot, I guess?
  • Actually, even her outfit is overdesigned as hell.
  • Finally it starts going over the top.
  • Oh my god, these lyrics.
  • Without missing a beat, it goes back to being too serious.

dancewithdevils2This show has a major tone problem.


Dance With Devils – Episode 1

  • Ooh, harmony.
  • Had a lapse of thought and was like “is this the world’s fastest simuldub”. But nope, just a weird English monologue.
  • This change in setting is weird.
  • I guess this song is more what I expected.
  • There is a spotlight and special effects.
  • Showing a glimpse of that chest, I see.
  • And they’re librarians with that “labyrinth of depravity” music number.
  • Wait, somehow things are now fixed? Is she crazy or is it magic?
  • “The Forbidden Grimoire”
  • Where’d the music go? Suddenly I’m expected to pay attention to actual plot.

dancewithdevils1The downside of having OTT musical numbers is that the rest seems slightly dull in comparison.