End of Season Roundup

Basically, since I got behind on a bunch of these, figured I’d give a super short final impression before I get into next season’s stuff.

  • Akagi (Drama) – A drawn out game of Mahjong, but made fun through watching an old guy sulk a lot.
  • Chaos Dragon – An incomprehensible mess of an RPG with no story structure.
  • Death Note (Drama) – An adaptation that diverges from the original, but manages to be really interesting while doing so.
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight – A Doctor Who episode spread out into an entire season.
  • My Love Story – A super adorable story of puppy love.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 12

  • I’ve been dreading this. Unless something else happens, I’m going to roll my eyes so hard they fall out of my head.
  • Oh, she used Berg-Katze. But why would he agree? It’s no fun for him.
  • Man, This discussion just highlights how little character development there’s been this season.
  • And nope, humanity’s desire for vengeance doesn’t count.
  • There’s no individual emotion influencing the whole. The idea of what crowds are like… it’s so shallow. They’re motivated by fear and belief, not hip trendy nonsense.
  • I guess I’m supposed to feel bad that Hajime died, but it just makes her even more of the classic Mary Sue archetype.
  • At least in the first season, Hajime was manic pixie dream girl who shook things up and questioned how things had always been. Now she’s outgrown her purpose and is at the centre without any real reason.
  • UGH, the “this is going too far” while watching a literal execution is so dumb. If they wanted death, watching it wouldn’t stop them. It’s a little story called “the crucifixion of Jesus”.
  • I’m supposed to feel sad, but there’s no reason to. Hajime’s like a female version of Doctor Who, she’s more of an irritating mix of quirks and “being right all the time” than an actual person.
  • Whoever wrote this really hates people.
  • “This is how we really feel.” And somehow the show seeks to deny that.
  • I mean, yes, knee-jerk reactions are a problem, but this is so dumb.
  • All of these characters have been shafted throughout the series. Their arc is barely reacting to events.
  • ALSO, there’s no criticism of the system. Reducing everyone’s decisions to instinctive forced multiple choice doesn’t make them think that way.
  • I mean, if that were the case, we’d all magically love people who’ve been elected.
  • The popular vote in a pie chart by its nature removes all thought and nuance from decisions. You can’t blame users for a bad design.
  • Surprise, she woke up.
  • I get that it’s supposed to be happy, but it’s such a foregone conclusion.

gatchamancrowds11Yup, that was exactly the ending I expected. I still need to rant about it, but that will have to wait for my thoughts to settle.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 10

  • For goodness’ sake, the Kuu are licking their lips in anticipation.
  • And their disagreement is over what to have for dinner. I just… people aren’t equal to begin with, and can’t be coerced that way. Maybe if they saw every part of each other like End of Eva, but that’s a whole other thing.
  • Jesus, Gel-sadra. There’s such a thing as being concerned about others.
  • HAHAHA this is so dumb. Like no one thought it was a dictatorship when Gel-Sadra deposed all politicians in the first place.
  • That’s just such a strawman.
  • I mean, maybe if the US elects President Trump…? But even then, the people decrying him beforehand didn’t change their mind.
  • How are you “with everyone” all alone in a room with Kuu?
  • Ugh, the war excuse. Like it’s not tapping into people’s already-existing fears and beliefs and is instead about “the atmosphere”.
  • Like everyone was following “the atmosphere” and not institutional authority or deliberate lies.
  • So Gel-Sadra’s one motivation is a girl. That’s healthy and totally an original thought not affected by the “atmosphere” in any way.

gatchamancrowds10I mean, I loved Yurikuma Arashi, and “let’s search evil” was an oversimplified version of the way social circles work. Thing is, there’s a reason that was set in a school and not really on a global scale. People aren’t mindless sheep who all want to eat the same thing. Allergies exist. “Becoming one” in this context means faking that you understand someone’s lived experience, instead of actually understanding it. People don’t always decide things on a whim. Their fears and desires and experiences inform their choices. Pretending otherwise really hurts a story like this, because it reduces it to the level of an after-school special.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 9

  • Okay, this shit is super creepy.
  • They’re now framing it as “the Kuu are imprisoning criminals”. Because only criminals don’t fit in with society? That’s some ignorance about mental illness if ever I heard it.
  • The Kuu are the atmosphere. Hm. So it is some kind of immune response?
  • Seriously, one hug doesn’t erase a lifetime of hurt.
  • If everyone who doesn’t fit in is swallowed up, then they’re not all one. That’s the entire point.
  • Right, because everything that feels wonderful is totally good for you.
  • So, um, the “atmosphere” is clearly one of privilege, because the people who most need love and trust to connect with others are the ones swallowed up by the majority.
  • But everyone’s not so easily swayed. People are conflicted, that’s the entire point of humanity.
  • Not everyone can pass that bar of entry and become one, though. Case in point: Shinji Ikari.
  • “Congratulations.” I knew I mentioned Eva for a reason.
  • “You’ve become a boring person.” Man, this is really spelling out the whole “individuality is super great and group whims are evil” thing.

gatchamancrowds9The theme’s just so infuriatingly simplistic. At least the idealism in the first series is recognisable as such, and works as escapist “everyone can be a superhero” fantasy. Saying “look at how bad this strawman is” does nothing.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 8

  • The title is “cluster”. Hopefully not the sense8 kind, because I don’t want to see creepy creatures having mind orgies.
  • Seriously, they’re trying to make everyone one?
  • They’re weird alien parents that try to comfort people?
  • It’s like a hugbox, only not people comforting each other, but politicians comforting the populace. That’s fucking terrifying.
  • Yay, Hajime-ssu “She hugged the alien” Ichinose isn’t jumping to “they’re totally friendly” conclusions this time. And you know she’s right because she’s never wrong. Like, ever.
  • Haha, someone agrees that they’re creepy.
  • “We’re just us” So they have no identity.
  • They also have no goals besides “make everyone one”.
  • “when you don’t know them”
  • This really seems to be demonising Gel-Sadra’s weight.
  • Of course she blames Berg-Katze for this.
  • More and more people have red and orange bubbles?
  • What.
  • So what does the red emotion even represent.
  • Wait, so people are going tribal against those who dare to still be unhappy after meaningless physical contact and insincere words?
  • What?
  • Well, one just up and swallowed a guy, so I don’t feel so bad about finding them so creepy?

gatchamancrowds8This show is such a mess. I get the feeling it wanted everyone to think those creatures were good, otherwise it wouldn’t have spent so much time on them.

Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 7

  • So they’re all giving the BIM sign as a greeting right now.
  • Even MESS is making it.
  • So people are supposed to just help each other out without superhero motivations? I mean, as dumb and overly-simplistic as this show is, we are still apes. Our instincts to help each other dissipate as they become distant.
  • Now Rui worries about pushing change too fast. I mean, not the dissipation of government in favour of a benevolent dictator, but “change”.
  • Aw, Rui still has hopes that CROWDS (and by extension, they) will be needed.
  • The homogeneity of their emotions is creepy. Physical and emotional pain would affect that.
  • As if summoned by that thought, in comes Utsutsu to give her “I’m gloomy” catchphrase.
  • So Gel’s going to bring gentle enforcement.
  • Tsubasa takes him totally at face value.
  • Resources are limited, and people act contrary to their best interests.
  • Hell, I don’t live in harmony with myself, what hope does a collective have?
  • Tsubasa, consent is important. You don’t just force someone to make your cult gesture without asking.
  • Oh, Berg-Katze has met Gel before. You’d think hating him would mean he’s good, but it could be a literal “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend”.
  • Hahaha, other people are like “they’re so creepy”. Gel needs to read up on cults and love-bombing.
  • Is he going to give birth?
  • This is some emotional manipulation. Crying in public, in front of cameras, just to judge their reaction.
  • And, sure enough, he’s fine two seconds later.
  • WHAT.
  • “Let Sadra handle it” amounts to “let someone else take care of problems”.
  • What happens if he decides to execute those who express a different opinion?
  • Seriously, at least say what Gel’s intended action is.
  • Now that everyone’s one, he’s afraid. That’s creepy and not how healthy relationships work.
  • HAHAHA Berg-Katze is the ultimate troll and doesn’t give a fuck.
  • Even apes take care of each other.
  • OH GOD.
  • Is he wilfully changing their ideas?
  • OH GOD. He did give birth.
  • Also, haha, they’re red, white and blue.

gatchamancrowds7At least I don’t have to be afraid they won’t address how creepy the situation is? Because good grief, look at that thing.

Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 6

  • The new Prime Minister is an alien.
  • Tsubasa, maybe your powers are tied to anger, just a thought.
  • You’d think the alien who absorbs all humanity’s emotions would know humans find that stuff off-putting. It looks like dismissal, however fast your processing power is.
  • So this is creepy as hell. No one who preaches love and smiles in politics can ever be for real. Reality is that you can’t be everything for everyone.
  • That’s worrying. He’s specifically hurting individuals.
  • Yes, actually think about other people as individuals instead of a monolith you can influence.
  • “I’m sad we’re not all united.” But people aren’t. People are lonely, or horrible.
  • Aw, even Paiman’s happy. I’m sad Utsutsu’s been pushed off to the side, though.
  • I like that the emotions are less directly linked to Gel’s influence.
  • Is this guy wanting to start Final Impact?
  • Suddenly everyone’s making Gel’s sign.
  • People are separate. Their experiences are not the same. They can’t magically be the same through willing it to be that way. Build infrastructure to support people first, then magically make them happy.
  • Seriously, the daycares are a good start.
  • Also, conflict’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes people aren’t of one mind.
  • I… how is disposing of all politics not fascism of some kind. That’s terrifying. People should be terrified by an alien destroying their system’s most failsafe system first.
  • So they’ll somehow have a referendum every time Gel wants to make a decision.
  • Where is all this money coming from to do these things?
  • “I hope it’s the same colour as everyone else’s.” That seems… as unsustainable as everything else.
  • Also, I doubt Berg-Katze has a hold on Hajime.
  • I like that Crowds are like a fad that’s passed. People would rather have an alien parent take care of them.


Still really curious about when the other shoe will drop with this government decision, or if it will.