Lance ‘N’ Masques – Episode 1

  • Wavering-voiced “cute” girl meets her hero.
  • This looks vaguely creepy to my eyes, but I’m overly sensitive.
  • More voiceover to explain the world instead of discovering it over time.
  • Well, this is definitely a story about knights. I hope he says “milady” at some point.
  • So he’s a literal and figurative white knight?
  • I get the feeling this is going to glorify chivalry, though, rather than show its failings.
  • And now there is a horse depicted as human, I guess?
  • This girl seems to have a permanent flush on her face.
  • WHAT. It’s his body and not his will?
  • Apparently she doesn’t notice the huge lance behind him.
  • It’s as tall as he is, and he dragged it along to her house. How does she not realise?
  • Okay, I’m done. Everything suggests that she is a child, so the misunderstanding isn’t hilarious. Call it a sore spot.

lancenmasques1It’s not for me, in so many ways.