Mr Osomatsu – Episode 2

  • What.
  • I get the feeling that I’m missing something,  but it’s still funny in its own way.
  • The opening’s pretty great.
  • All that “trash” talk is pretty great.
  • I like how they’re all different at a glance.
  • What.
  • Seriously, never think too much about toilets.
  • Wow, this taps into some very real anxiety.
  • Are they producing robots or merchandise?
  • That was the weirdest non-resolution.
  • Some shots are pretty great.
  • Also, I love how the robot/merchandise guy is just in the background now.
  • Aw, kitty.
  • What on earth.

mrosomatsu2I like it a bit less now it has no real point besides comedy, but I still laughed.


Mr. Osomatsu – Episode 1

  • I have no idea what’s going on except this was popular back in the day and is being revived?
  • Wait, what.
  • Suddenly, more singing dudes.
  • This song is already catchier than the ones from the previous show. Nice.
  • That said, how did this have anything to do with the black and white cartoon from before?
  • Apparently this school was named by Derek Zoolander.
  • See, this has personality, even if it’s completely silly and way too self-aware.
  • Wait, so this is a high-school AU fanfic of whatever it’s based on.
  • Yay, gratuitous high fives.
  • See, the same scene with a girl, instant romance.
  • He just saved a kitten when a car drove inside.
  • Also incest, apparently?
  • There is way too much going on in this show.
  • Haha, the crowd in the background just standing there unmentioned.
  • At some point this has to slow down, right?
  • Oh, right, they’re self-aware because they’re deliberately rebooting themselves somehow.
  • The crowd is the audience? Okay then.
  • Why was one of them a Love Live?
  • At some stage this has to become an actual show, and not just whatever this is.
  • Baby titan weiner, really?
  • Oh thank God, there’s silence for half a second.
  • So will it return with them as low-key manchildren now?

mrotomatsu1And people thought Concrete Revolutio was the one with too much happening. I’m really curious about how the show will go from here. I loved it, but it needed some space to breathe.