Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 7

  • Snow White’s all “you don’t have to protect my honour”
  • More love nonsense.
  • So bored with this dick-waving contest.

I think I’m kinda done, if it’s shunting the herbalism and plot aside for more conflicted feelings and misunderstandings. I liked it initially because it didn’t seem concerned with that.


Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 6

  • Oh no, she’s wearing a dress.
  • Not that I remember what she wore before, but I love how light and comfy it looks.
  • You can tell the older brother is the worst because his hair is longer/more yellow and his collar is popped.
  • Ugh, the prince really is the worst, implying that Zen wants her for her vagina.
  • Snow White holding a lily is the kind of unsubtle symbolism I expect from Ikuhara, not a show about herbalism.
  • Their last name is Wisteria.
  • Ew, the older brother is inviting rape-y prince. Total dick.
  • And of course rape-y prince thinks Zen is engaged to her, because it can’t possibly be her skill or whatever.

snowwhite6Kind of want it to go back to using herbs to save the day, instead of this tedious romantic misunderstanding stuff.

Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 5

  • The chief has slightly more breast definition this episode. I wouldn’t notice, but for it being so prominent in other shows. The whole aesthetic of this show seems out of place somehow.
  • Sleep? Time for a herbalist answer.
  • Also vertigo.
  • Hm, a natural way to induce fatigue and vertigo.
  • I like that even the chief’s like “Snow White might have some idea about this”. Her character has skills.
  • Zen and Snow White are super cute together, trying to negotiate their love with their duty.
  • Whoa.
  • Move everyone outside now. It’s probably the wood.
  • Sure enough.
  • She almost burned herself trying to get the firewood out.
  • Zen is so thirsty, holy shit.
  • I’d be like “oh, no, she’s making soylent”, but that’s pretty much the opposite of using full ingredients that work. Whee, mash some powder of dubious efficacy up and call it a meal replacement.
  • Uh-oh, she’s getting drama disease.
  • Girl, as soon as you collapse, everyone is going to feel guilty as hell because you said nothing. Self-care is important.
  • I love that they realise it before she collapses.
  • Also, Zen making her close her eyes is adorable.
  • I like that they’re rallied around Snow White, but it’s because she’s done so much for them.
  • Aw. Again, clear communication is the goal.


This show is so charming, mostly because the writing is so solid.

Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 4

  • Somehow, I forgot how pastoral this was.
  • Pretty gardens.
  • I like how the herbalism is part of the story.
  • There’s not much to say, I guess.
  • Time to clean out the aqueducts.
  • Aw, they worked together.
  • AW. She passed. And the herbalist is adorable.
  • Snow White is adorable.
  • Haha, “just ask her”. Such reasonable advice for an anime.
  • Aw, they’re cute together.
  • It’s almost an ensemble now.

snowwhite4It’s a bit like My Love Story in that there’s not much to say beyond “aw”.

Snow White With The Red Hair – Episode 3

  • Whee, more demonstration of Snow White’s herb skill. It’s something she actually works for.
  • Seriously, I love it when characters show a little work to get where they are. Women aren’t born perfect, for goodness’ sake. And certainly not born perfectly feminine.
  • The guards objectify her, of course. Was this written by a woman?
  • Sure enough, the original manga and the adaptive script were written by women. Director’s a guy who worked on Wolf’s Rain, though.
  • Zen shirks his responsibilities, then atones for it with a despairing fugue.
  • Aw, his advisors look out for his health.
  • He likes to explore the land he rules and keep track of things. That’s… kind of noble, if severely stupid.
  • Snow White is hardly a danger. Still, I like that this stuff is addressed.
  • See, she references stuff instead of instantly being like “this is xyz”. Some plants are tough to differentiate without a visual guide.
  • She doesn’t sit there meekly and hurt herself. Instead she’s like “wait, I’d better check to see what’s up”.
  • I like that he’s angry at the thought of her getting hurt, but isn’t going to stop her.
  • She calls the guy’s bluff without fear.
  • Zen’s like “that was a dumb way to do it”.
  • Aw, a rival? Sigh.
  • And he doesn’t even need to worry, she’s going through official channels without even thinking to ask him for favours.

I like this show. I don’t know that there’s going to be much plot, but the little touches are so charming.

Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 2

  • I like that she’s good with cooking and herbs.
  • Plus, the bright, clean visual style is so pretty.
  • Ooh, a test.
  • For once, I’d like to see a prince who is kinda soft/heavy. Like he says, it’s a lot of deskwork and sitting around, and the food is usually rich.
  • One chop and she’s out cold?
  • So he wants to offer her to others. Creepy.
  • I was all steeling myself up for a gross scene where he fed her, but instead she escapes and leaves him locked up. So great.
  • And then she paralyses him. She’s resourceful, not unrealistically trained in martial arts (with a figure that would have zero weight behind the punches).
  • Gross asshole. I like that it’s from a desire to regain his class status, though.
  • I just love her hair’s shade of red.
  • Birds.

I like this show. I’m not super-enthused by it, but it’s cute.

Summer 2015 Impressions

Some short opinions upon watching first episodes. Updated rather than making six different posts about future stuff.

  • Actually, I Am – Wacky comedy hijinks. Something about secrets and vampires and it all seemed very rote. Might become good, but I doubt it.
  • Aoharu x Machinegun – Someone pointed out that it was an Ouran ripoff, and it looks like it. I also think it wasted an opportunity to have watergun fights where the guys soak each other until they’re dripping wet. I mean, if you’re going for the fujoshi bait, you might as well go all the way.
  • Castle Town Dandelion – It’s charming and girl-focused, with a setup that’s promising by not being too exposition-heavy. Could go either way, though I don’t know if the supernatural royalty games will keep my interest.
  • Chaos Dragon – I wondered how anyone would adapt an RPG with such long and disparate backstories. Turns out, their answer was just to mush it all together and hope the names would carry it through. It’s an absolute mess, but interesting.
  • Charlotte – I was barely following along, but I tried to keep up with it… right up until giant-eyed little sister introduced herself with a cute squeal. Sorry, not my thing.
  • Classroom*Crisis – I didn’t hate it? It felt a lot like Ass Class, though, in that it might drag on without much to say.
  • Gangsta – The character designs are cool, and it looks like it could be interesting. The only woman being literally referred to as a trophy didn’t inspire confidence, though.
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight – I like this show because its flaw is in thinking everyone has the potential to be a superhero. Being a superhero involves being more of an ideal than a person, so everyone being a superhero involves an idealised version of humanity. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me, because at least it’s trying to encourage empathy and helping others. I’d rather that message and ignoring underprivileged people than a message that exploits and shames them. And who knows, maybe the VAPE will be handled more delicately. I think “Hajime is a Mary Sue/Manic Pixie Dream Girl” comments are pretty sexist, though.
  • GATE – I’m sure this is good, but my eyes glazed over at the mention of Otaku. It’s not even a fun hatewatch.
  • God Eater – It’s slow, ugly, and takes itself seriously while being kind of boring.
  • Himouto Umaru Chan – I got creepy vibes. Rational or not, too grossed out for this one.
  • Monster Musume – I’m so fascinated and amused by how weird this is. Do people actually want to bang monsters? It has so many disturbing ideas, but I just couldn’t look away.
  • Overlord – It really didn’t grab me, since if I wanted to play an RPG, I’d just play an RPG. I hope someone eventually dubs the guy’s lines over with Skeletor clips.
  • Prison School – Another skeevy show that’s so over the top that I’m fascinated. They literally make one guy lick her boots, and the objectification montages are so shameless.
  • Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace – I like mysteries, and this seems deliberately slow for effect. I’m curious to see more, because I get the feeling it’s saving its resources.
  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers – Another one where I think it’s my fault that I lost interest. There was just so much exposition, even if some of it had pretty imagery.
  • School Live! – The doggy is cute? I might watch another episode out of curiosity, just to see how it deals with the later development once it’s part of the show.
  • Seiyu’s Life – This is way too perky for a job that seems really cutthroat and depressing. They also started with her thighs and panned upwards, so I’ll wait to hear that it’s wonderful or something before I look at it again.
  • SHIMONETA – This show is basically for anyone who laughed at the bad language in South Park. It is so very dumb, and societies with this kind of censorship do not work that way. It’s basically an excuse to have some kind of ignorance fetish and swear a lot (with asterisks in the subs, which does dilute its message a little). I’m probably going to hatewatch it like I did with Otaku Teacher.
  • Sky Wizards Academy – I’ve seen so many toothless shows about fighting magic girls, and this seems like more of the same. Sigh.
  • Snow White with the Red Hair – I love the symbolism in this, though I’m not sure it’s entirely intentional. It’s also fantasy without too much exposition at once.
  • Ushio and Tora – This is the kind of insufferable 90s comedy I think of when I hear “anime”. I’d rather watch one of the ones in my extensive backlog, because at least those come with recommendations.

Stuff I’m following (rule of three): Castle Town Dandelion, Classroom*Crisis, Gangsta, Gatchacrowds Insight, Ranpo Kitan, Snow White with the Red Hair

Stuff I’m hatewatching: Chaos Dragon, Monster Musume, Prison School, School Live!, Shimoneta

Wake me if there’s a fire: Actually I Am, Aoharu x Machinegun, Charlotte, GATE, God Eater, Himouto, Overlord, Rokka, Seiyu’s Life, Sky Wizards’ Academy, Ushio and Tora