Starmyu – Episode 1

  • I love how similar shows has Free and Hetalia right there. Hm, I wonder what kind of show this is.
  • Sure enough, it opens on prettyboys.
  • No bare chests yet, though.
  • Redhead dude is a cold asshole.
  • If one of those boys were a girl, that would have been a meet cute.
  • This show seems so rote. Also, there is a dude with wavy turquoise hair down to his butt.
  • Suddenly, there’s a song.
  • Wow, their movements are all jerky and precise.
  • So their song is something they actually performed, even though it seemed otherwise visually.
  • I can’t tell if it’s the art style or an error, but part of the character’s glasses are missing. I guess there’s a reason they couldn’t draw it 3/4 view.
  • Again, if one of those boys were a girl, they would be a clear romantic interest.
  • This is taking itself too seriously for a show where people break into song and dance routines.
  • Now it’s not something he’s performing?
  • Actually, it’s not even that it’s taking itself seriously. It’s that it has no personality yet.

starmyu1No closeups of well-defined chests. 0/10 (In all seriousness, teasing hetero boy antics are just not my thing.)