Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 44

  • Drum training!
  • Oi, drumming will help you feel the beat.
  • I’m sad that I’ve never seen Tribe Cool Crew cosplayers. Those eyelashes would be hilarious.
  • Suddenly, it’s a Western for zero reason.
  • The abuse is just kind of glossed over.
  • Too stubborn to apologise in exchange for pudding.
  • Yay, it’s traditional dance.
  • Hadn’t seen Master T in a bit.

tribecoolcrew44I like how the preview is “finally here”. Even they know it’s taken a while.


Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 43

  • More padding.
  • I like that they’re all “you can’t go to dance road” if Haneru doesn’t study. That’s actually sort of responsible.
  • Of course they research dance.
  • I love that it’s not just a history of white people dance.
  • I like that they’re trying to define something so complicated. It’s less filler than the pickle episode, for sure.
  • The visual metaphors are so wonderful. “Don’t fall off the cliff!” “Don’t step on the kittens!”

tribecoolcrew43This show’s at its most fun when teaching its characters, really.

Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 42

  • I thought the famous twins went to other countries if they wanted to sample food.
  • Oh, they were tired of jet-setting to Paris in order to satisfy their hunger cravings.
  • Did they censor “dance road”?
  • Hahaha, “if you’re so bored, go downstairs and help Dad with work”.
  • They bought an entire display rack of shoes.
  • And a fountain.
  • Aw, Kumo is playing evil spiderman.
  • Wait, when did they change
  • Also, of course they just changed the rules.
  • Somehow Kanon and spiderman are dancing in perfect unison, but it’s only when he starts breakdancing that she’s like “wait”.
  • Wait, they were like “let’s dance battle for this gift prize”
  • Aw, Kumo must be sweaty as hell in that suit.

tribecoolcrew42They’re still padding until Dance Road happens, of course.

Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 41

  • Kumo just stands over Haneru as he sleeps. Um, just get his dad to wake him up.
  • I’m always a little sad that the “sparkle / kill” pun doesn’t exist in English.
  • Sigh. I thought this trip to the beach would be better than most, but nope.
  • There’s also a really noticeable drop in animation this episode, which is weird. I guess they’re saving up for something, since the really special stuff can’t be done entirely with CG.
  • Oh, they needed a new model for Jey.
  • I like that Haneru jumps to the same conclusion that it’s Jey.
  • Whoa, Kumo saw a ghost.
  • I like the idea of dance that makes the waters shine.
  • The CG dancing completely in unison is always so weird, but I like it.
  • I like that they’re not sure whether it was real.
  • Haha, water fireflies.
  • So she’s not a ghost? Wait, what?

tribecoolcrew41That wasn’t the strangest filler episode, but that’s mainly because the pickle one was so very absurd.

Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 40

  • I love the fact that there’s an evil dance style.
  • Also that it amounts to dancing really angrily.
  • “Our dancing makes your mind go blank.”
  • I like that it’s motivated by anger.
  • Tengu girl, yay.
  • Hahahahaha. There’s something so great about being like “Jey’s dancing never changed the world” as a bad thing.
  • Jey has his own island in the middle of the South Pacific.
  • Haneru is so great.
  • Help, there’s a secret conspiracy to dethrone Jey El as the king of dance.

tribecoolcrew40This is just a kids’ show, but it’s no more ridiculous than some meant for manchildren.