Shomin Sample – Episode 1

  • So this is the show where they get a guy to teach them about the common people.
  • Well, I haven’t had a “NOPE” reaction this strong in a while, and it’s only the opening. Good job, I guess?

shominsample1I guess this is for someone who thought their ideal harem show didn’t have enough wacky homophobia. Which… you do you?


The Perfect Insider – Episode 1

  • This OP is catchy. Not as wonderful as some this season, but still good.
  • Takes place in the present.
  • CG cars in anime, never integrated in a way that’s not awkward.
  • Where exactly is this going?
  • Not that it’s bad, exactly, just wondering where the hook is.
  • Who is this woman?
  • Oh, a doctor of some kind?
  • Someone else commenting on her hair. Is this foreshadowing of some kind?
  • Emotional intelligence is still intelligence. Social skills are still skills. Knowing how to get along with people does not mean you are stupid.
  • A doll killer? Hopefully that gives this a reason to be animated, because otherwise there’s not much going on. Even the colour is too desaturated to give something to look at.
  • Why would you kill someone for no reason?

perfectinsider1Used the OP, because it was the only part that looked memorable.

I get the feeling there’s something massive that I’m missing about this show. I mean, I’ll give it another episode, but it’ll have to give me something other than disinterested lectures about how people are stupid according to a really classist and arbitrary definition of intelligence.

Dance With Devils – Episode 1

  • Ooh, harmony.
  • Had a lapse of thought and was like “is this the world’s fastest simuldub”. But nope, just a weird English monologue.
  • This change in setting is weird.
  • I guess this song is more what I expected.
  • There is a spotlight and special effects.
  • Showing a glimpse of that chest, I see.
  • And they’re librarians with that “labyrinth of depravity” music number.
  • Wait, somehow things are now fixed? Is she crazy or is it magic?
  • “The Forbidden Grimoire”
  • Where’d the music go? Suddenly I’m expected to pay attention to actual plot.

dancewithdevils1The downside of having OTT musical numbers is that the rest seems slightly dull in comparison.

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation- – Episode 1

  • Expository voiceover, never the best sign.
  • Why is there a closeup on the dead cat.
  • I get that the glacial pace is part of the setting, but still.
  • Oh my god, show don’t tell. We get it, she’s aloof and a necrophile.
  • The butterfly stuff was pretty, I guess?
  • Is she seriously in love with human skulls?
  • Apparently Sakurako is the Sherlock Holmes of necrophilia.
  • This is sort of pretty, but it’s so overwritten.
  • It also suffers from making the Watson analogue so very bland.

beautifulbones1I’ll probably give it a few episodes to see what’s up with the whole “we always find human bones” thing.

Mr. Osomatsu – Episode 1

  • I have no idea what’s going on except this was popular back in the day and is being revived?
  • Wait, what.
  • Suddenly, more singing dudes.
  • This song is already catchier than the ones from the previous show. Nice.
  • That said, how did this have anything to do with the black and white cartoon from before?
  • Apparently this school was named by Derek Zoolander.
  • See, this has personality, even if it’s completely silly and way too self-aware.
  • Wait, so this is a high-school AU fanfic of whatever it’s based on.
  • Yay, gratuitous high fives.
  • See, the same scene with a girl, instant romance.
  • He just saved a kitten when a car drove inside.
  • Also incest, apparently?
  • There is way too much going on in this show.
  • Haha, the crowd in the background just standing there unmentioned.
  • At some point this has to slow down, right?
  • Oh, right, they’re self-aware because they’re deliberately rebooting themselves somehow.
  • The crowd is the audience? Okay then.
  • Why was one of them a Love Live?
  • At some stage this has to become an actual show, and not just whatever this is.
  • Baby titan weiner, really?
  • Oh thank God, there’s silence for half a second.
  • So will it return with them as low-key manchildren now?

mrotomatsu1And people thought Concrete Revolutio was the one with too much happening. I’m really curious about how the show will go from here. I loved it, but it needed some space to breathe.

Starmyu – Episode 1

  • I love how similar shows has Free and Hetalia right there. Hm, I wonder what kind of show this is.
  • Sure enough, it opens on prettyboys.
  • No bare chests yet, though.
  • Redhead dude is a cold asshole.
  • If one of those boys were a girl, that would have been a meet cute.
  • This show seems so rote. Also, there is a dude with wavy turquoise hair down to his butt.
  • Suddenly, there’s a song.
  • Wow, their movements are all jerky and precise.
  • So their song is something they actually performed, even though it seemed otherwise visually.
  • I can’t tell if it’s the art style or an error, but part of the character’s glasses are missing. I guess there’s a reason they couldn’t draw it 3/4 view.
  • Again, if one of those boys were a girl, they would be a clear romantic interest.
  • This is taking itself too seriously for a show where people break into song and dance routines.
  • Now it’s not something he’s performing?
  • Actually, it’s not even that it’s taking itself seriously. It’s that it has no personality yet.

starmyu1No closeups of well-defined chests. 0/10 (In all seriousness, teasing hetero boy antics are just not my thing.)

One Punch Man – Episode 1

  • Is that a reskinned DBZ alien?
  • Ooh, I like the look of this. There’s direction.
  • Purple manchest.
  • Wait, he’s upset about disintegrating the guy with one punch? Why does he do it, then?
  • Best OP music so far.
  • Why does the crab guy have bare hairy legs?
  • Man, this show looks way too good for what it is.
  • Why does this kid have a butt chin. Does he have the mumps?
  • Crab manchest. With drawn on nipples.
  • Just look at the carnage.
  • “Just drink this suspicious test tube”. And now he’s a titan.
  • “City B Destroyed”
  • It’s a giant evil car.
  • He is right at crotch level of all these monsters.

onepunchman1Someone loved working on this. It’s so visually interesting for such a dumb premise.