End of Season Roundup

Basically, since I got behind on a bunch of these, figured I’d give a super short final impression before I get into next season’s stuff.

  • Akagi (Drama) – A drawn out game of Mahjong, but made fun through watching an old guy sulk a lot.
  • Chaos Dragon – An incomprehensible mess of an RPG with no story structure.
  • Death Note (Drama) – An adaptation that diverges from the original, but manages to be really interesting while doing so.
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight – A Doctor Who episode spread out into an entire season.
  • My Love Story – A super adorable story of puppy love.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 8

  • I love how L called Light on smirking at his watch.
  • Wait, they’re just trusting that this is all true?
  • Poor Rem, trapped in this situation.
  • L is apparently a creeper.
  • Stolen?
  • I feel bad for that old dude actor.
  • Assuming Light thinks that guy stole it, he just did something incredibly stupid. Dude could have traded for Shinigami eyes already.
  • I like that of course Ryuk is going to be like “hell yeah, another dude to corrupt”.
  • Again, he’s assuming the guy won’t trade for the eyes.
  • The Mello and Near dynamic is strange.
  • Actually, so much of this is strange. I can’t always remember what’s changed and what isn’t.
  • Is there a point to this monologuing? We know L’s figured it out.
  • “Then I met you, and for the first time, I became interested in a person.” Well, that’s fuel for fanfiction.
  • This is considerably more violent than I remember.

deathnote8Aw, I preferred it when L’s loneliness was his downfall.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 7

  • At long last, it’s the part with the handcuffs.
  • This show isn’t nearly as fun as the anime when it comes to being over the top.
  • Their working together isn’t nearly as fun as when Light started out as an asshole.
  • Ooh. L is talking about possession.
  • That actually makes a bunch of sense as a conclusion to jump to, given that the methods of death were controlled.
  • Aw, while the recon stuff is cool, it means no handcuffs.
  • L is just plain cruel in this.
  • Light has changed. He’s more ruthless, regardless of whether he remembers that or not.
  • Ow, I just noticed that Light is wearing a white top, now that he’s lost his memories. Symbolism.
  • Near is way more involved in this than previously.
  • They’re doing an entirely white jigsaw puzzle. So symbolic.
  • I actually do like this exploration of how Light has changed.
  • Aw, he entrusted Near with finishing things.
  • …and apparently Mello is a split personality, after all.
  • I’m guessing that’s changed because two personalities means two names. Kill one, and the other’s still there.
  • Also, I do like that Misa is capable beyond being solely in love with Light.
  • Aw, Light saved his life.
  • Suddenly Light’s wearing darker clothes again.
  • And there we go. So neatly done.
  • Okay, writing it in blood is a bit much.


This adaptation has been really interesting so far. Not always good, but interesting.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 6

  • Kira totally left evidence. Planted evidence, but still.
  • This whole part is annoying.
  • Ah. Rem took her memory away? That gives Misa and Rem the tiniest pieces of agency this time.
  • You’d think an idol would be more tight-lipped about her boyfriend.
  • This seems even more stupid, because having real people highlights how unreal they are.
  • How do they differentiate between Kira and regular heart attacks?
  • Hm. Is there a third Kira in this version?
  • Ah. Yes, there it is.
  • The applause is legitimately creepy.
  • Oh. He’s given himself an ultimatum about the Death Note. The change fits, since it means he’d feel chosen to create a new world that way.
  • Saying that they’re friends doesn’t make it true in this version. He’s not guileless enough.
  • L’s aware a policeman’s kid might know how to fake a polygraph, right?
  • L is such a dick. Calling his dad to say “I still suspect him” is the worst.
  • Oh. Near is interfering early. Interesting.
  • I know he’s not going to shoot actual bullets, but damn.
  • Holy shit, L is still the worst.
  • Light’s dad is not long for this world.
  • Light, that’s some self-loathing you have there. It’s also so much more convincing when he was a decent person at the start.

deathnotedrama6Yay, the next preview has actual Light/L bonding.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 5

  • They’re assuming a lot. Kira has to be male or one person?
  • “into flashy girls like her” Don’t slut-shame, L.
  • So this is a bit of a mistake on their part. It’s making it far too obvious, and that’s no fun.
  • Come on, fake a bathroom accident and leave.
  • L is totally shocked that Light is straight, I guess?
  • I can’t stop thinking of L as the Soylent guy. He just puts on another shirt out of nowhere and drinks stuff out of pouches. It diminishes his allure as asshole detective just a touch.
  • Light, you’re a dick. Let Misa Misa help you like she wants to. Just tell her your dumb arbitrary morals that make you feel better about yourself. It’s not like she can just give away her Shinigami eyes and the death note now, no harm done.
  • It’s somehow more frustrating to see the misogyny in this, because it’s less ingrained.
  • I get that it’s like Light’s had consequences of his actions thrust upon him, but it’s frustrating because it won’t matter.
  • Also, this Gelus stuff is telling instead of showing.
  • This cat and mouse act is kinda dumb.
  • I guess it just becomes frustrating because the characters in that kind of mystery are more effective as ciphers. Then again, if they have zero personality, it becomes Ranpo Kitan.
  • I do like that Light keeps using “Ryuga”.
  • I guess the problem is that it’s tiring to watch things unfold the same way.
  • And now L can shut off the cameras, and Light can move forward with his plan.
  • Oh god, he still gaslights her, even though she knows who he is.
  • She’s smart enough to get him a burner phone. Why does he condescend to her?
  • I was hoping things would be a little different, I guess.
  • Apparently L keeps Near locked up?
  • Mello being a puppet is so strange. It makes sense, since his entire purpose is to reinforce the Light/L duality, but it’s still strange.
  • And? Dude could just get the name off Misa Misa, write it down elsewhere, and/or make L specify that he’s no longer a suspect.
  • This is so much less fun when Light isn’t a total dick.
  • How many guys in the crowd with white shirts and roughed up hair are there?
  • Oh, L was smart enough to hire others. But not smart enough not to talk about it in the open.
  • Somehow, L being friends with Light seems so very insincere when shrunk into this timeframe.
  • L’s so much less of the fun manchild in this. More smug than curious.
  • That really specific bondage looks ridiculous.

deathnotedrama5In an almost literal sense, this episode was all filler, no killer.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 4

  • I love that Raye Penbar’s real name sounds just as fake.
  • Of course Light thinks the second Kira is a guy.
  • Poor Rem.
  • Aw, Misa’s just as poorly-characterised in this version. I was hoping for better.
  • Is L’s chest supposed to be sexy? I can’t tell.
  • Yay, Light’s under surveillance now. That means the potato chip scene can’t be far off.
  • Does that mean L is watching Light pee?
  • Ryuk’s design works better than Rem’s.
  • I’m mostly waiting for the beats I recognise.
  • This potato chip setup is still the funniest thing.
  • I like that L is smart enough to remember the incident and suspect Light.
  • Aw, Light’s father.
  • Oh, L.
  • Apparently Near is crazy.
  • Still nowhere near enough eyeliner on L.
  • The way he holds out the chips is so great.
  • Yay, tennis match.
  • This is actually pretty well directed.
  • Holy shit, the homoeroticism.
  • Of course being forced to give the death penalty is a curse. The people reported on are subject to bias.
  • I like that Misa’s going after people that Kira wouldn’t. It’s actually kind of smart.
  • Of course Light thinks it’s stupid.

deathnotedrama4Oh, right, from here on out it gets misogynistic. Oh well.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 3

  • L is really clever in this version.
  • I love how overwrought Light is.
  • Whoa. He’s given the choice to kill his father. That’s dark.
  • Wow, close call.
  • I like that Ryuk is so cocky.
  • Odd musical choice.
  • Hm. So he wasn’t actually sure about Light?
  • Justice?
  • There’s something vaguely disturbing about a child pretending to be a cop and shooting someone he’s meant to be arresting. I get that that’s the point, but it’s different these days.
  • Ah. Finally he’s covering his tracks.
  • And now he’s– Jesus! Did not want to see Ryuk that close up.
  • In this situation, Light has no reason not to accept the Shinigami eyes. It’s half his lifespan versus the whole of it if he gets caught.
  • I see. Now he’s actively choosing to kill FBI agents until Misa shows up.
  • Also, Mello and Near are super creepy.
  • Wait, how did she know he was Kira? I like that she’s smart in this, though.
  • Light’s goals have shifted just a touch.
  • Huh. He’s blackmailing Ray.
  • Heeeee. The fake American accents are so great.
  • Wow, he got Ray to kill them.
  • Time to grab those eyes, Light.
  • Is Misa stalking him already? That’s handy.
  • Nice timing, too.
  • L’s pissed off that he lost. That seems strange.
  • “The second Kira”


The pacing on this is great.