End of Season Roundup

Basically, since I got behind on a bunch of these, figured I’d give a super short final impression before I get into next season’s stuff.

  • Akagi (Drama) – A drawn out game of Mahjong, but made fun through watching an old guy sulk a lot.
  • Chaos Dragon – An incomprehensible mess of an RPG with no story structure.
  • Death Note (Drama) – An adaptation that diverges from the original, but manages to be really interesting while doing so.
  • Gatchaman Crowds Insight – A Doctor Who episode spread out into an entire season.
  • My Love Story – A super adorable story of puppy love.

My Love Story – Episode 21

  • AW.
  • I forgot how almost unbearably cute this show is.
  • Poor girl’s rightly terrified of Takeo.
  • I actually like this. The dynamic’s a little different.
  • HAHAHA his expression when she’s revealed herself as a stalker.
  • I like that this is going the “he’s a normal person and kind of a dork” route.
  • This entire episode is screaming “just talk to him”.
  • UM. Maybe break it to him gently.
  • AW. Poor thing.
  • At least this way she gets to see he’s a real person?
  • He has an antenna to detect her.
  • Suna’s deadpan is the best.
  • Aw, this is adorable.
  • Aw.

mylovestory21I like that Suna’s giving her a chance because Takeo’s helping her, but he doesn’t seem all that enthused about it.

My Love Story – Episode 20

  • Maki
  • SO CUTE.
  • They have matching super serious expressions.
  • Aw, Takeo. After all the baked goods Yamato has made you, this is what’s exciting?
  • I get liking special chocolate, but man.
  • I love afro kid acting like a total dick.
  • Why was he exercising out the window. Dude is a superhero.
  • Actually kind of curious about home-made chocolate now. I don’t have any equipment, but I do know a place.
  • UM. Is he shipping his newborn sister with Suna? Good grief, dude, that’s creepy.
  • Aw, Suna. I hope you get to click with someone some day, if you want to.
  • Aw.
  • I like that the guys and girls are both becoming sort of friends without it being too neat.
  • Dude, she made you so many things.
  • I think what I like about Takeo is that he totally will thank her, without fail.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA. He just ate it right there in the restaurant.
  • Suna is like “you need to plan things better”.
  • Haha, Suna walks by like “yay, I didn’t need to explain that shops close”.
  • AW. They blew kisses.
  • Also, I hope Yamato does hold tiny Maki.
  • AW. His crush waited until a day later and played it cool.
  • Wait, is that a girl? Dang it. I was sort of hoping it wouldn’t be addressed, but oh well.

mylovestory20Still the cutest show.

My Love Story – Episode 19

  • Aw, Yamato.
  • Takeo’s mother will have none of his faux-chivalrous bullshit.
  • I love Takeo’s mother. She takes zero bullshit.
  • I really want a prequel all about Takeo’s mother.
  • Hahaha, this whole thing is just admiration for Takeo’s mum.
  • Seriously, pregnancy and housework are hard work and expected of most women.
  • Yussss, I got my wish.
  • She wants to protect cute girls. Help.
  • Takeo’s mum is also a superhero, while pregnant no less.
  • I hope the baby’s a girl.
  • Suna is amazing.
  • Takeo’s dad seems kind of useless, but in a good way.
  • I like the way the texts drift across the screen.
  • Seriously, though, babies can survive being near-strangled. She’ll be fine.
  • Takeo, shush.
  • AW. Even in the midst of contractions, she’s like “this other lady’s having her first birth”.
  • Yus, of course she’s a girl.
  • And of course they think Takeo is his dad.
  • Wait, what.
  • Takeo, Suna is not going to marry your baby sister. Good grief.
  • I find it difficult to picture Yamato as a midwife or teacher.

mylovestory19I loved this episode, and not just for the glimpses of Takeo’s mum.

My Love Story – Episode 18

  • I love that Takeo has these grand ideas about when a first kiss should be, and Suna is like “why Autumn”.
  • Although, man, he’d better say that to Yamato.
  • I like that Takeo considers it this big deal. Dude, you have big pillowy lips, you’re probably okay.
  • Uh-oh, Suna’s sister is home.
  • AW. Yamato.
  • Also, holy shit Suna. They’re in your room because you’re his best friend.
  • AWWWWW. And Yamato’s like “I’ll wait” instead of talking about it, because she’s a dork.
  • Hahaha, that dark look. That doesn’t count.
  • Aw.
  • I kind of want to see a prequel with Takeo’s parents.
  • “I love her this year too.”
  • At some point, they have to ease out of the honeymoon phase. I thought the whole “I choose to love you” thing would do it, but nope.
  • Is their height difference usually so striking?
  • Haha, his room.
  • JKA.
  • And of course his mum bursts in.
  • Talk about it.
  • Aw, it’s cool that Takeo’s friends dropped in, though.
  • The toy is smaller than his hand.
  • Obligatory “Kuma Shock!” reference.
  • So many screenshot opportunities.
  • Is Yamato going to have a panic attack before she gets to kiss him?
  • Did she actually kiss him?
  • AW.
  • “orz”
  • And it doesn’t matter in the end at all.
  • Just say “I want to kiss you”.
  • AW. “She almost forgot it was New Year’s Day.”
  • Is he–
  • Hahahahahaha “a bug landed on my mouth”.
  • His realisation was so strong, the planets moved.
  • Finally. Although this much idealisation of it’s probably not great.
  • His hunching over like that is adorable.
  • And now they’re crying. Aw.
  • Still more screenshot potential.

mylovestory18That was almost too sweet, but that’s the entire show, so it’s hard to complain about that.

My Love Story – Episode 17

  • I love that even “tough guys” are scared of Takeo.
  • And when he has a girlfriend, it’s like “omg he has a girlfriend” and not “okay, he’s not so scary”.
  • Still not over Takeo’s intense love of Yamato.
  • “Should we ask Yamato for permission too?”
  • These. Dorks.
  • HAHAHAHAHA Yamato’s face.
  • AWWWWWW. They are too adorable.
  • Help.
  • Takeo is like “an indirect kiss” after all this time?
  • UGH, ask her out already, you dork.
  • The bear statue.
  • Forcing the poor girl isn’t going to work, good grief.
  • Aw, I like how real this got.
  • Aw, Suna is adorable.
  • Just tell her how you felt, you dork.
  • It’s not about being a man, it’s about actually communicating.
  • Of course Takeo is there to catch him.
  • Aw, Yamato, he’s going at your pace, just ask him about it already.

mylovestory17I could have done without the “be a man” nonsense, but it was nice to see another kind of relationship in this show.

My Love Story – Episode 16

I love how in less than a minute, I’m thinking “god, I love how intensely Takeo feels things”.

  • Apparently “master” is actually more along the lines of “mentor”, which makes more sense.
  • I love how the two girls aren’t best friends, but are willing to be nice to one another.
  • I love that Takeo hasn’t stopped thinking “I love her” about everything Yamato does.
  • I love how they’re bonding over Takeo being impressive. And it’s not necessarily love, just intense admiration.
  • The intensity of “I love her” just doesn’t get old.
  • “How does it feel to like someone as a person”
  • Aw. Saijou does have feelings for him. I was hoping otherwise.
  • Aw, Suna.
  • Awwwwwww.
  • Aw, Saijou and Suna.
  • Awwwww.
  • This show. I love it so much. The characters are so kind even when they’re being dumb or selfish.
  • Who does Suna like? With Takeo being popular now, that whole “I don’t want to date girls who are mean to you” thing sounds like an excuse.


I swear, this show is the sweetest thing in the world. Even when it’s dealing with something like unrequited love and asking someone out who has a girlfriend.