Young Black Jack – Episode 2

  • I like the eyes and the stitches.
  • The OP is still hilarious.
  • Suddenly it’s Kaiji.
  • I’m shipping Hazama and Yabu way more than I should.
  • The shots of his chest are shameless.
  • I can’t tell if it’s baiting or accidental, but this dude is clearly in love with him.
  • Wait, did they just have a Face/Off situation to avoid letting them know the guy was dead? And somehow that’s less losing his way than performing a heart transplant.

youngblackjack2I’m probably going to lose interest when Yabu gets shunted to the side for some romantic foreshadowing, because I’m terrible.


Young Black Jack – Episode 1

  • Man chest as the first shot.
  • Those aren’t scars, those are Frankenstein levels of stitching.
  • Oh my God, this OP is wonderful. Upbeat happy music about being alive while bullets rip through waterlilies.
  • I like this already. Firmly establishing the setting without voiceover lectures.
  • Hm. Prosthetics don’t exist in this world, I guess.
  • This is fairly well animated and scripted. I’m a little worried about the message, but it seems more like a way to introduce this plot than a moral stand. At least so far.
  • More of his scarred-up Frankenstein chest.
  • Time for surgeon simulator.
  • This is trying very hard not to show gore.
  • Are druggie and Frankenstein lovers, or is this baiting?
  • You assume the guy has enough money to pay that.

youngjackblackI’ll watch more of this, at least for a bit. I’ve watched worse hospital dramas.